Hello sun!

Image(photo of my eldest at the farm today)

In wonderful Britain we have mainly had cold weather and a lot of snow. The sun has finally decided to show and bring along some warmth too!

It would be a waste to spend the day indoors! so we walked down to our local community farm. (So glad there was a nice cool breeze!) As soon as we arrived you could already see the warm community, as we walked in it was as if we walked through a friendly force field (okay…should stop kidding myself, I am really bad at describing things! ) every where you looked you could see people smiling,laughing and just such a lovely atmosphere. My son wasted no time,I happily let him run a head was lovely seeing the excitement in his little face. One staff even walked up to us and let my eldest stroke the chick, he was so polite too. Nice tone to his voice as he explained to my son to be careful, he even helped my son turn the taps on to wash his hands. We had a nice walk around the farm, we could see older children playing out door games with staff whilst the pigs were bathing in mud snoring away. As we were leaving, one of the stalls the staff had set up asked if my son would like to plant a sun flower seed. I felt a little awkward at first (I didn’t bring money with me, I felt so guilty as I’d be more than happy to help pay towards the farm) The male smiled and explained that I don’t have to pay anything, he then had my son help him make a little pot using newspaper, fill it with compost and put the seed to bed. we were given more seeds to take home with us along with the pot my son helped make, So there I am walking with this small newspaper pot with compost in it. As my partner pushed the double buggy, I was treating this little pot like an egg. scared that one little nudge or fall would cause the pot to somehow in my weird mind ‘Explode’ all over the floor.

My partner and I got straight to planting all seeds, then looking at each other thinking we must be mad planting 10 sunflower seeds.

Wonder if any will be successful,

Who knows, but plan to visit local farm more often (and bring some money next time!)


Day off.

As much as I love my children dearly,

I really needed time out, being a parent is a 24/7 job. You’d be lucky to fit in a 30 minute break between every 2 hours in the afternoon! I have spend the last few days with tantrums and the wonderful teething.

Lack of sleep, aching joints and just needing some peace. I took my parent’s offer to have them for a whole day. It didn’t take me long to get their stuff together and get them ready to go. (I love them dearly, honestly!)

As soon as they left , I had a nap (oh how that nap was just oh so wonderful!) I even went to make myself a cup of soup with out little feet following in the kitchen demanding juice. I even had my food in peace without my youngest attempting to climb up my legs. Bliss! I had a nice soak in a bubble bath without the sounds of my children’s toys going on repeat on the highest setting, and my partner yelling ‘no!’, ‘where is the tv remote?’ ‘how did you get that?’ etc…(or even him disturbing me in the bath to ask how long I plan to stay in there, not that he is trying to rush me or anything but..I can’t stay there forever right?.)

It is funny, before becoming a mother I had such a social life. went out everyday and would come home at stupid o clock in the morning. But now, I enjoy long soaks in the bath, wandering around in my onesie ,  and building dens. (the last with my children of course, when a toddler hands you a blanket you best help them make a den otherwise prepare for the high pitched screams. I know what I’d rather, anything to sneak in a few minutes having a cuppa to myself!)

As much as I enjoyed my day off, it was so nice to see my eldest run into my arms with the words ‘love you’ in his own little words that I understand. (my parents no doubt enjoyed dropping them off after picking them up and having them all day. that is always the best bit when they are not your children)

Well tomorrow, new day and end of my day off. But I am refreshed and prepared for any challenges that may hit my way. 🙂



Well, this is it…my first post!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize as my spelling and grammar isn’t up to scratch!


Today has been one of those days, I didn’t sleep well, busy job searching and working out bills. So made a den with my children for them to eat their lunch (and me to finally sit down for a cuppa). They then decided to pull everything a part and make a big mess, I shrugged it off put the kettle on again and stuck the tv on. (good old kids channels!)

I have lost count how many earl grey I have had today! or how many times I have slowly nodded off to have my head flip back. As if the rest of my body wanted to sleep but my head remained switched on.

So tonight, I am giving my children quick meal (tin mac and cheese) we always have homemade meals but today is one of those days. You just want your children fed, bathed and into bed!